Dear Ed,

Today in the mail we received a letter from the Trustee indicating that our Chapter 13 plan has been completed. I am awash in emotion…weeping openly with joy and relief. I have always said that a guardian angel was watching over me the day I happened onto you as our attorney.

From day one Ed… you believed that we could do this even as we continued to doubt that we could. Your help and support have been immeasurable. You lifted us over every hurdle…fought the good fight with us and were in our corner tagging in every step of the way.

You saved our home from foreclosure…you enabled us to keep [my daughter] and [son] in our home and in their school. As a Father you must know how important this is when raising your own family. You helped us get fed loans to enable their dreams upon graduation to both go to prestigious universities. You helped me get a vehicle when Meghan had her accident in my van. This list can go on and on….especially the battle with the thieves at the bank….can’t forget that one! How many people would have just cried Uncle and given up.

Thank you Ed…I hope you do not have tears in your eyes at this point because I’ve got enough of those for both of us. And…..remember there’s no crying in baseball……..

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please share this thanks with your staff. We made it!

Very Truly Yours,
L., D., M. and D.

Dear Ed and Staff –
We wanted to personally Thank You in regards to our recent Chapter 13 Bankruptcy filing. Upon realizing this was our only option we were referred to your firm by a friend. We appreciate and thank you for your exceptional service, professionalism, honesty, thorough knowledge and attention to detail. You never made us fell as if we failed and treated us only with respect. We commend you, praise your services and sincerely thank you. We would be confident in referring your firm to anyone! Gratefully, Mr. & Mrs. C 4/9/12