IRS Audit Defense

IRS audits may be (1) face-to-face, or (2) by paper. Santillán Law, P.C. can assist you with both forms of audits through submitting explanatory letters with documents to support your tax returns or through a one-on-one meeting with the auditor. In the event that you receive a tax audit letter from the IRS, read the letter to see the nature of the tax audit problem. The IRS may want to audit the entire tax return or could audit just a portion of it, for example, home business expenses or automobile and travel expenses.

Generally, it is not in the taxpayer(s) best interest to represent themselves before in an IRS or State Audit. At Santillán Law, P.C., we will assist you in dealing and/or negotiating with the IRS to maximize your deductions or to reduce your tax liabiilty.