Tax Sale Appeals

Property tax litigation in Pennsylvania requires understanding local rules and local personalities. Real Estate Tax decisions are made at the county level with the Court of Common Pleas. In the event that a taxpayer is unsuccessful at the Common Pleas level, the taxpayer must file a subsequent appeal to the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court. This process is expensive and time-consuming.

Accordingly, because there are few state court decisions, taxpayers should recognize the practical relevance of the situation, which is to build local relationships with assessors and opposing counsel. It is imperative to find counsel who understands the appeals process and understand what motivates your opposition so that your attorney may be able to create a reasonable & cost-effective win-win situation.

The successful attorney will look for a mutually agreeable result, through relationships forged over time. Santillán Law, P.C. has gained insight to properly understand your opposition, the judge, and the peculiarities of the county, in order to counsel you on how best to litigate and win your appeal.