Municipal Law

At Santillan & Associates, we offer legal services to individuals and businesses in the transaction of real estate. Our land use, zoning and municipal practice involves representation of various clients in a wide range of ventures and issues. We are often asked to provide advice and assistance on projects that include construction, rezoning and appeal issues and acting in the capacity of special counsel.

Our legal services includes, negotiations, preparation and presentation of requests for approval of specific plans, general plan amendments, rezoning, site plans, subdivision regulations, special use permits, variances and zoning interpretations and appeals. Additionally, we handle matters related to infrastructure agreements, the vesting of development rights with development agreements, commercial and residential leases, evictions and deeds.

Santillan & Associates also provides experienced representation for government entities who need to rely on special counsel when meeting Sunshine Law and Freedom of Information Act requirements.

Attorneys Edgardo D. Santillan & Felicia E. Santillan, have earned a reputation throughout Beaver County for helping municipalities, school districts, and taxing authorities with the enforcement of codes, regulations, laws & the responsibilities of said agencies. We attend meetings, provide legal oversight of documentation, and will answer constituents’ questions regarding legal matters regarding municipal government concerns. If you are responsible for securing experienced, quality legal counsel for your municipality, school district, or utilities department, contact Santillan & Associates to discuss how we can represent your city, township, borough or department.