Fee Arrangements

Generally, fees are based upon the time and labor requirement, as well as the uniqueness and difficulty of the matter. Each client will receive either a letter or fee agreement which details the proposed fee structure. Most often, bills are based on an established hourly billing rate for each lawyer, paralegal and law clerk, determined on the basis of skill and experience. Statements are issued on a monthly or end-of-transaction basis and contain explanations of time expended and services provided. In some instances, the firm may require a retainer.

In certain cases, the fee may be charged on a contingent fee basis. In this instance, the fee for legal services will be a percentage of the result achieved for the client. The client, however, will be responsible for any out-of-pocket expenses. From time to time, a fee arrangement may be negotiated as a blended fee which will include aspects of both the hourly rate arrangement and a percentage of the result achieved.

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